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Your braces gradually adjust the positions and alignment of your teeth to give you a better functioning mouth and a more appealing smile. This is done by gradually applying progressive tension to the braces hardware during your routine adjustment sessions. This effectively stretches the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth to help them slowly accept their new positions.

Beyond this, the adjustment sessions also serve other purposes toward maintaining the health of your teeth and the integrity of your braces.

This is a good opportunity to replace any pieces of hardware or spacers that have suffered some wear and tear. Good oral hygiene is also important for the realignment process. You should feel free to ask your orthodontist, Dr. Stacey Eby, any questions about how to best clean any hard-to-reach places.

Timely adjustments and scheduling are very important. Missing or delaying a routine adjustment session can increase the amount of time it takes for your braces to fully realign your teeth. If you know you have something coming up that will keep you from your next adjustment session, please call Eby Family Dental to reschedule.

If you are due for your next adjustment session, you should not delay in calling 920-563-2928 to schedule an appointment at our office in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.