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If you are looking to get your teeth nice and straight, you can try InvisalignⓇ retainers. Like braces, these clear retainers can bring your teeth into line, but they can do a few things that braces cannot.

True to its name, Invisalign is see-through. As you wear it, your smile can be seen clearly, which can be a plus over braces, as they often obscure the look of your teeth. All the while, the retainers carefully and comfortably nudge the teeth into place until they line up with each other.

Invisalign has one more advantage over braces in that the retainers can be taken out. When you sit down to eat, you can set them aside and enjoy your meal. Your food options can open more, whereas braces often limit what you can eat.

Taking the retainers out can also make it easier to clean both them and your teeth. You can hold the retainers in your hand as you wash them up. Taking the retainers out can allow you brush and floss normally, whereas metal braces would make these routines a bit more more complicated.

If you would like to try Invisalign, you can come talk with our dentist, Dr. Stacey Eby, and our team. Our team here at Eby Family Dental in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, is happy to help you get the smile you want. To set up a visit, feel free to call 920-563-2928.