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For anybody who has ever suffered an oral accident or injury, you know how devastating it can be to live with lost or missing teeth. Fortunately, dentistry has grown by leaps and bounds in the previous decades and can craft realistic-looking teeth for any smile. Provided your mouth needs any tooth replacements, it is essential to visit your dentist for an oral exam to determine if a tooth replacement therapy such as dentures can benefit you.

Protecting your smile is the foundation of all oral health care treatments. Thus, it is important to make sure if you have any missing or damaged teeth that they are replaced immediately. A highly effective treatment to consider is removable dentures. Dentures are designed to enhance your smile and reverse any impediments that may arise due to missing or lost teeth.

Caring for your dentures is a key to ensure they function as intended. Because they are removable tooth prosthetics, it is important to make sure that you handle them with the necessary precautions. Always make sure they are soaking in a denture-cleaning solution as necessary because if you leave them sitting out, they can easily dry out and crack. They’re also extremely fragile, so you should handle them with care, so they do not break.

To ensure your dentures to continue to function as intended, always make sure they are soaked in a denture cleaning solution. In addition, avoid products that could be overly abrasive on them, including abrasive toothpaste. Other products to watch out for include teeth whiteners, bleach, and hot water. Before inserting them back into your mouth, make sure you rinse off all residue that may be on them.

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