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Have you ever had a toothache, or do you currently have pain in a tooth? If so, you know how unpleasant they can be. Pain in the mouth can be difficult to ignore, and the pain can even interfere with you going about your day. Today, Dr. Stacey Eby and our experienced team would like to help you learn about what might be causing tooth pain and how you can find relief.

One of the easiest to treat causes for tooth pain is having some kind of oral debris, such as food particles, trapped between your pearly whites. With this scenario, usually, you can remove the obstacles by gently brushing and flossing the area and rinsing thoroughly. In fact, sometimes rinsing can help to loosen the particles for you. Once the debris is removed, you should feel instant relief.

Another cause of tooth pain is tooth decay. This means you have a cavity or hole in a tooth. When this is the case, you will need your dentist to remove the decay and fill in the hole with a dental filling, typically a dental amalgam or composite tooth-colored resin. How will you know if you a cavity is the culprit? Often, if you have already tried to brush, floss or rinse with salt water, and still the area hurts, you may indeed be suffering from a cavity.

An infection or damaged dental work can also cause you tooth pain. If you have a filling which has come loose or a crown or bridge that is damaged, there may be pressure on the tooth causing your discomfort. To relieve this type of pain, you will need to seek treatment from your dentist, as it is considered a dental emergency.

Additionally, you may feel tooth pain if you have an infection in the tooth, also called an abscessed tooth. As with damaged dental work, this is also a type of dental emergency and Dr. Stacey Eby will need to treat this is as soon as possible.

Pain is not fun, and especially pain in the mouth. If you need relief for tooth pain, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Eby Family Dental team for an appointment. You can reach us at 920-563-2928 today, and we hope to help you find relief as soon as possible!