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Have you ever experienced dry mouth or its effects? Below we address some important dry mouth facts and offer potential tips to help you avoid this condition:

– Dry mouth affects more people than you think: While everyone experiences an occasional dry mouth as a result of being upset, nervous or stressed, it becomes a condition if it occurs on a regular basis, leaving you with a perpetual dry sensation. You may not know this, but millions of Americans are living with chronic dry mouth without being aware that they have a problem.

– You can avoid the development of dry mouth: While dry mouth is more common than people think, it can often be prevented by implementing simple lifestyle habits that protect your oral health. For example, you can keep your oral cavity moist by drinking lots of water during the day, cutting out caffeinated beverages, drinking water and non-sugary drinks when you eat, quitting the use of tobacco products, placing a humidifier in your room and chewing sugar-free gum.

– Saliva is your friend: Saliva plays many roles in your oral health, but its main function is to keep your mouth wet, which keeps dry mouth away. Other responsibilities are reducing the risk of decay and oral infection, making it easy to chew and swallow food and helping with digestion.

We encourage you to receive treatment for dry mouth in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, if you suspect you have the condition and are worried about damage to your teeth. If your mouth is dry for long periods of time during the day, contact Eby Family Dental at 920-563-2928 today for an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Stacey Eby.