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Cosmetic issues can prevent you from smiling your best. With dental bonding, you can correct small cosmetic flaws and get back your confidence to smile wide again! In today’s post, you will learn about tooth bonding and determine if you need dental bonding.

The way tooth bonding works is by the application of a composite resin that is bonded to the tooth surface, which covers up small cosmetic flaws. When you contact Eby Family Dental, we can make an appointment for you with Dr. Stacey Eby for dental bonding in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.

If you’re a good candidate for tooth bonding, the dentist will rough up the tooth’s surface, before he applies the bonding to a tooth, made from a composite resin. The dentist will find a shade that matches closely to your natural tooth color, so the final results are as authentic as possible, and ensure the material is able to adhere to your tooth, which is then cured with a special light that keeps it strong.

After the resin has hardened, the tooth is then polished, so it looks like your own natural teeth. The bonding process can be completed in just one visit, and is usually painless. The Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry states, bonding is best applied to chipped teeth; however, it can also be used if you have large spaces between teeth, or if one tooth is smaller than the others. Discolored teeth can also be brightened with tooth bonding. You can also replace a metallic filling with bonding.

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