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Dental bridges make ideal tooth replacement treatments. If you happen to find yourself in a situation where a tooth needs to be extracted or replaced, then dental bridges can offer you a permanent solution with minimal preparation. Dental bridges are held in place by linking to other teeth in your mouth for a long-lasting hold.

Dental bridges are used to help plug up the gaps left behind by your smile. If these spots are left unchecked, they can become safe zones for bacteria and food residue to hide. They can also be fonts of infection and even contribute to the weakening of your gums. If your gums begin to weaken and loosen, it will destabilize them causing other nearby teeth to move and rotate out of their natural positions. Dental bridges help you keep your facial structure intact and your gums solid.

Dental bridges are also a first-rate alternative for individuals who lack the jawbone strength for dental implants. Whereas dental implants are directly installed into the bone, dental bridges are merely connected to other teeth, including if necessary, other dental implants. Dental bridges are permanent fixtures that can be easily repaired and replaced if the need arises.

Don’t wait until it’s too late for a tooth replacement. If you would like to know if dental bridges are right for your smile, please book an oral exam with Dr. Stacey Eby at our dentist office in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, by calling us at 920-563-2928. Our team at Eby Family Dental looks forward to bringing your smile back to its fullest.