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Sometimes bad oral habits can prove just as dangerous to your teeth and gums as poor oral hygiene. If you have a penchant for nervously nibbling on pens, pencils, and other desktop items, it’s possible for a small piece to break off in your mouth.

In some of these cases, the fragment could potentially become trapped between two of your teeth or even become lodged in the gumline. In a situation like this you might experience significant pressure, pain, and even anxiety.

In these moments, it’s important to remain calm to safely remove the foreign object from your gums without additional harm. Pointed tools like a toothpick make a poor choice for dislodging the fragment. It could cause further hard to your gums or possibly chip a nearby tooth.

Waxed dental floss is often the wisest thing to try for removing a fragment that’s stuck between your teeth on in your gumline. The special coating on the dental floss allows the strand to glide easier between teeth to work around the offending item. If you’re having a hard time inserting the strand of floss behind the fragment, you might want to try using a simple floss threader.

If you are in the Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, area and you have a fragment of something stuck between your teeth or gumline, and you need help safely removing it, you can call 920-563-2928 to speak to Dr. Stacey Eby or a staff member at Eby Family Dental.